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Unlocking Vishuddha at MINKA, Brooklyn

  • MINKA Brooklyn, NY (map)

Vishuddha or the throat chakra is our channel for communication, self expression and creative identity. It is our best tool for expressing emotion, feeling, need and self identity. It is the channel through which we best connect to the vibrational pull of the universe and dance in it’s rhythm. It’s power is paramount for personal change and growth. Any sort of block in the fifth chakra can cause stifling feelings of being misunderstood, unheard and lonely, leaving a sense of disconnectedness from ourselves and each other.

So what strategies do we have to keep this channel open? How do we find the key to unlock our most free and authentic voice? How do we best communicate our needs and desires? How can we be heard?

This workshop will guide you on a journey of self discovery, utilizing the power of change facilitated by the fifth chakra. With specific attention to sound, singing and spontaneous chant, you will learn how to use breath and bodywork to find more freedom in the sound of your voice as well as unravel muscular tension within the throat that inhibits sound. Seed sounds and toning will be used and collectively we will create spontaneous songs with the intention of allowing more freedom into our lives.

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