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Healing and the Art of Spontaneous Chant at Halifax Yoga, Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Halifax Yoga 7 Purcell's Cove Road Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3N 1R2 Canada (map)

Since ancient times healers have known that vibration plays a unique role in transforming emotional and physical landscapes. From the overtones of the gong to the ring of Tibetin singing bowls, the vibration of instruments has proven to have profound effect on the healing journey, but none of as significant as the human voice. From toning to chant to mantra to song, the vibration of one’s voice has the power to manifest change from within and alter the vibration of every atom and molecule that surrounds it.

In this workshop, participants will be led on a journey of self discovery and healing through the voice, sound and spontaneous chant. You will be expertly guided into a fuller experience of your own voice and the voice the community, exploring toning, seed sounds, personal mantra, improvised chanting and singing. You will learn to use vibration to facilitate healing and change in areas of the body and your life that ask for it. Finally, you will experience the profound joy of beckoning the divine through communal singing and spontaneous song.

No experience singing is required and all voices are encouraged and welcome!

Learning Outcomes:

Breathwork to unleash your vibrational power

Strategies to find more freedom in sound

Tools for intention and healing through your individual voice

Exercises to unleash your ability to create spontaneous chant