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Elevate: A Sound Meditation Experience

  • 410 South Michigan Avenue, Studio 632 Chicago, IL 60605 USA (map)

Elevate is a unique meditative immersion in healing sounds with the intention of fostering a healthful collective vibration. Blending ancient and contemporary tools, Davin uses his voice, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and other overtone-emitting instruments to transport participants to a place of deep rest, growth and elevation. What makes this journey truly special is the subtle integration of electronic beats and emergence of music that reflects the wonder and beauty of the universe and the unique light within. To participate is only to receive. Davin guides the sound and vibration to do the work of the Cosmos. You will walk away from this subtle, yet powerful event feeling therapeutic, spiritual and restorative change.

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What happens during a Sound Experience?

Typically a Sound Experience begins with participants lying down or finding a comfortable seated position, sometimes with a mat, blanket and eye mask. After a short guided meditation, sounds are slowly introduced and layered in succession, creating an ever-changing sonic landscape. Participants often find themselves move into a deep state of relaxation, self-exploration and discovery, stimulating alpha and theta brain waves.

Like a Sound Bath or Sound Journey, this is an opportunity for extended rest (Savasana) while intentionally using the ancient medicine of sound to guide meditation and invite deep restoration and change.

Why sound?

Sound has been used for thousands of years as an aid in healing. Sound Experiences, journeys and baths create a container for participants to encourage personal vibrational change in the subtle and physical bodies. As the physical body is 60 percent water, humans are vibratory beings and incredible transmitters for sound. In these experiences participants utilize vibration and a process called entrainment to transform their emotional and physical landscape. The experience of entraining, or ’syncing up’ to healing instruments can slow heart rates and respiratory rates, leading participants into a restful and peaceful state, conducive for healing. Participants leaving with a deep sense of calm and rest.

What should I bring to the Sound Experience?

Some yoga mats, blankets and mediation cushions will be provided. Feel free to bring a blanket, pillow, eye mask or anything that would help you foster a sense of deep relaxation and rest.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

As we are located downtown, there is ample parking but at somewhat of a stiff cost. Please plan accordingly. Public transportation is ample and availble around the studio.

What's the refund policy?

You may receive a refund for your ticket up to one day prior to the event.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No! Your name will be sufficient.