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Unlocking the Throat Chakra through Sound and Song, Platinum Health, Fitness and Yoga, Ormond Beach, Florida

  • Platinum Health, Fitness and Yoga Ormond Beach, Florida USA (map)

The Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha is our channel for communication, self-expression and creative identity. It is our best tool for sharing emotion, feeling, need and self-identity. It is the channel through which we can best connect to the vibrational pull of the universe and dance in its rhythm. The fifth chakra’s power is paramount for personal growth and change. Any sort of block in it can cause stifling feelings of being misunderstood, unheard and lonely, leaving a sense of disconnectedness from ourselves and each other.

What strategies do we have to keep this channel open? How do we find the key to unlock our most free and authentic voice? How do we best communicate our needs and desires? How can we be heard?

Regardless of your experience or skill with your voice or singing, in this workshop you will be expertly led on a safe journey of self-discovery, utilizing the power of change facilitated by the fifth chakra.

The time together will include:

-       A guided singing meditation to activate release

-       Crafting and sharing our “voice story”

-       Learning the physical and energetic function of making sound and what can inhibit us

-       An introduction to the art of spontaneous song

-       Collective singing and movement

You will walk away with new found freedom and a new song in your heart. A previous participant of this workshop expressed… 

“My experience with Davin at the Throat Chakra Workshop was beyond blissful- I was able to connect to my throat center in a profound way with intention through the vibrations of Sound - it honestly felt like I was able to resolve and heal my ancestral lineage that suffered from trauma related to the energy of the throat. Davin holds such beautiful and supportive space - transformation was experienced for certain.” – Beth Ricciardone

Now is the time to hear your most authentic sound and unlock your fullest expression.