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SUNDOWN: A Summer Solstice Soundbath at Ace Hotel Chicago

Join singer and sound guide, Davin Youngs on Prairie at Ace Hotel Chicago for a transformational immersion in sound. In celebration of the astronomical phenomena that brings the longest day and shortest night of the year, Davin will use his voice, electronic looping devices, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and other overtone-emitting instruments to create a sonic landscape for setting intentions, shifting vibration, and finding change. What makes this journey truly special is the subtle integration of electronic beats and the emergence of music that reflects the wonder and beauty of each person present. The longevity of the day’s sun allows a posture of receiving and this event is an opportunity to do only that. Davin guides the sound to do rest.


Please wear comfortable clothing and bring mats, blankets and pillows to help facilitate maximum relaxation on the ground. Feel free to bring objects and tokens to assist in your journey and charge in the sound for the new season.

The sound bath will begin at sundown, approximately 8:30pm, but please arrive at 8pm to setup your spot and enjoy the sunset.

Tempo Sparkling Teas will be available before and after the event and Higher Healing will be on hand with specialty products for you to sample and aid in your experience.