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The Essential Sound: Harness the Healing Power of your Voice - Anahata Yoga, Scottsdale, AZ

  • anahata yoga Scottsdale, AZ (map)

Davin Youngs has experienced first-hand the radical and transformational power of sound healing and the human voice. Having followed his own long and winding path toward authentic expression through singing, Davin now leads individuals and groups into elevated and healing experiences of the voice, what he believes to be the essential sound.

Drawing on experience as a private voice teacher, improvisational singing facilitator and sound healer, in this workshop Davin will explain the science and mysticism of the voice and why he believes it is your most essential tool for healing, transformation and change. He will then expertly and joyfully guide you – no matter your background or experience – into a fuller expression of your most authentic sound.

In individual and group exercises you will learn to:

• Playfully move beyond inhibition and fear to harness the healing power of your voice

• Free physical and energetic blocks that limit the natural beauty of your sound

• Cultivate a practice of sound and singing meditation

• Learn Davin’s signature technique for improvisational singing, Spontaneous Chant™

• Find community connection through sound, singing and song

This interactive and immersive journey will culminate with a new and unique experience of your voice that will help illuminate your purpose and move you toward your highest calling.