NEW MUSIC: Unseeded Sound

I’m so happy to introduce you to my first EP, Unseeded Sound. While it is my hope this will be one of many recording projects, figuring out how to make this happen was no small task and an actual labor of love. To finally have it available for all listening ears gives me sweet relief and great joy!

From the beginning, the question was, how does one record improvised sound in a way that captures the live experience, but also would for value beyond singular experiential consumption. I struggled for a long time to figure this out. Much of what I do live is about the space and the experience, but it is also music and something I’ve wanted badly to capture in a format that would allow its use in most any space. 

Last October, I made my way to the recording studio to dig in, only to find myself running in circles and leaving with the recommendation that I try to do this first one my own. I felt discouraged, but I decided I would do as recommended. I holed myself up in my own studio and spent hours experimenting,  finally landing on recordings that felt something like what I create live, but in a format that felt song like and familiar. Enter my producer, Peter Potyondy who made each track come to life by helping with arrangements, FX, beats and adding additional sounds. I trust Peter immensely and I am so glad to have his masterful touch on each of the six tracks.

Unseeded Sound is a 45 minute meditative journey a forest of vocal looping, spontaneous melodies and electronic beats. While each track can be listened to and enjoyed individually, there is an intentional arc to the whole of the six tracks. The opening track, She Waits is an unfolding improvised choral anthem, drawing on my many years singing polyphony. The improvised theme was repeated and layered to create dynamic and emotional swells. This is an exercise in patience in one’s spiritual journey. Sitting, listening and observing the flow.  Not being carried away by the emotion of it all, but sitting amidst the highs and the lows. The place to sit? In this case, beneath a tree. She, or the divine feminine we, sit and wait. Knowing that beauty arises even in times of overwhelm.

Inside The Wind is the first single released from the EP. Different from She Waits it is a call to follow the flow of all things. Each rise is an opportunity to recognize the ways in which movement and flow allow us to see ourselves and therefore the world more clearly. This is simply an invitation toward the beauty and grandeur of what might be, should we be willing to find ourselves inside the natural flow of it all.

Speaking of sitting beneath a tree, The Whether was originally called Bodhi Tree. It is said that the Buddha attained enlightenment while sitting under such a tree. If you have ever seen a Bodhi Tree it is epic and gnarly. By its very nature offering cover in nothing if not a complicated fashion. This tune is filled with tension that culminates in an anthemic fashion. The gnarly nature of the tree is telling of the winding choices we have to make as we pursue our higher good. The Whether is simply about the many choices on the path to enlightenment, and recognizing that enlightenment may not be something to ultimately attain, but rather to notice along the way.

Dadogo Baya highlights the use of personal language, and draws inspiration from artists like James Blake and Sam Dew. Beginning with tuning forks and crystal bowls, this song pulls from my desire to blend sound healing into ecstatic and authentic movement. What is it like to follow our journey from within to a full expression without? 

The fifth track, I’ve Seen Both Sides is about the presence of suffering in the midst of living. The song was recorded to be played both backward and forward. Suffering is a truth of humanity and it is my understanding that joy actually requires suffering. To know joy is to know pain and therefore to fully understand, we must acknowledge the experience of both sides of suffering. More effectively than many other art forms, music can highlight pain in a way that acts as catharsis. This track is meant to do that in an honest way, while sharing the simultaneous beauty that accompanies it.

Finally, Darling You’re Here finds the listener in what might be described a hymn from space. The repetition in the melody grows and grows as constant reminder to find ourselves in the truth of our present moment. A favorite meditation teacher of mine encourages practitioners to refer to themselves compassionately as “darling” when reminding themselves to come back to the breath. This song is a reminder to always gently bring yourself back into the beauty of the breath and the moment, if necessary, using song as guide. 

Unseeded Sound is a reflection of my own spiritual wanderings that inevitably reflect my exploration in singing, music making and sound healing. Further it is the story of my continued journey toward becoming more fully myself and therefore connecting with others who strive toward the same in the midst of our shared human experience. I love to sing. I love to connect. I’m so happy to be able to do that with this work.

Davin Youngs: Music & Lyrics, Vocals, Bells, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Kalimba, Gong, Shaker, Production
Peter Potyondy: Additional Music , Keys, Additional Arrangement, Programming, Production, Mixing
Alex Inglizian: Mastering
Alexa Viscius: Photography

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