Three Meditations at Horatio N. May Chapel at the Rosehill Cemetery

One of the great privileges of my work is to be able to bring it to unique and beautiful spaces. Because what I do is improvised, it is inevitably inspired by the space in which it is created and those who are present to receive. I take neither of these things for granted and am grateful when they collide in a beautiful way.

Three Meditations is a performed sound experience I had the idea for upon discover the Horatio N May Chapel in the Rosehill Cemetery. This charming gothic and romanesque space is indeed a beautiful piece of Chicago history, nestled in the center of one of Chicago’s most important cemeteries. It was my desire to create concert like experience using my voice, looping devices, electronic beats and the gong. The result was full of joy and inspired a desire to do more of this work.

Thank you to the cemetery for allowing me to use the space and to each individual who came to be immersed in it all.

Davin Youngs