Words from friends


⁣“Davin Youngs is a beautiful magician of the soul. This experience not only transports, it HEALS. He has a small piece of heaven in his heart, and he invites the whole world in. I love him.” - Elizabeth Gilbert

I find myself in this world, making and sharing work that can be difficult to describe. It draws on my life’s joy of exploring singing, the voice and sound as a vehicle for personal development, community connection and transformational change... but I’m often at a loss to explain what exactly it IS. I know that none of these ideas I’m bringing to light are new. In fact, most are ancient, but through sharing in sometimes humorously varied settings, I feel like I’m JUST learning how they have become uniquely mine to interpret and gift.

This week alone I am creating experiences for a health and wellness studio, a small church community and a large mindfulness conference. Sure these themes are universal, but how funny to be able to so quickly access such diverse communities. Also, I feel I’m just skimming the surface of where this can go?⠀

I explore these ideas and this work with an unexpected confidence, as I have been gifted the words of others to help me find more meaning. Endorsement of friends and strangers who affirm what I’m doing and help me lean toward what else I can uncover. I feel so fortunate to have met Liz, whom I greatly admire and receive her contribution to these words. She’s more lovely than you’d imagine. This is the sort of wind that makes your sails soar. What a gift.

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