A journey toward the particular: Private and Small Group Sound Energy Healing Sessions

My story as a singer begins in church. The son of a United Methodist minister in Southwestern Michigan, some of my earliest memories are of singing on Sunday mornings, leading others in worship. This was a space where I quickly learned that my voice held the ability to lead, guide, influence, hold space. Singing was where I became most aware of God or Spirit and it was also where I quickly learned that I could guide others in that flow. While this was clearly a wonderful gift, early on I found it to be a tremendous responsibility.

Since then, I’ve continuously struggle with my willingness to engage that responsibility through performing, teaching and leading others in singing and worship. How far into this can I lean?  

Recently, I realized the answer. Much further.

Last summer I attended a sound healing intensive at Menla, a retreat center in upstate New York. In the midst of what can best be described as burnout and awakening, I found myself in the woods with strangers, dedicating time to the idea of sound as a modality for healing. I had recently completed Reiki attunement and had been deepening both my yoga and meditation practice, so I came to the woods with very few expectations and a deep curiosity for what sort of experiences in sound and healing might stand out to me. Many did, but one in particular carried extra weight, as it singularly reminded me of the fundamental power possibility of my voice.  

A Peruvian musician, healing, (Shaman?) named Tito La Rosa walked the group through a rose ceremony. Full disclosure: I cringe as I type this. The idea of a group of predominantly white folk in the woods with a Peruvian shaman sounds spiritually trite, but I type through my discomfort as what happened truly changed everything for me. In short, Tito carried with him what can best be described as an arsenal of magical flutes, amongst other hard to describe instruments. As we sat and watched he laid each instrument down meticulously, often moving each a second and third time so as to find the perfect place amidst the space. The ritual of simply placing each instrument was like nothing I’d ever seen before and acted merely a precursor to our multi-hour journey in the art of healing through sound. During this time with Tito, each individual present was gifted a spontaneous song. Played to them. Play for them. On an instrument chosen with specific intention. Played with the utmost care and intention. So many of us wept. Most of us smiled.

I left that day, with rose petals clinging to my body, knowing something had changed. Something had a shifted, and much of it had to do with my understanding of my own work.

Since that experience, I have committed most of my energies to bringing my own spontaneous songs to groups through meditative and healing sound experiences. This has been an act of service and creative rigor. I have loved what it has represented and enjoyed the new space in which it has taken me. The response I’ve received has been outstanding and I’ve been consistently able to expand and grow while using my voice to guide others. But as one of my favorite teachers says, in the particular we’ll find the universal. This is why I find myself wanting to add another more particular dimension to my work. One-on-one and small group sessions.


During my sound experiences, I’ve become increasingly aware of the ways in which certain participants, even in a supine position with eyes clothes, can project energetically. I’ve also begun to notice that I am able to interact with these energies through my voice and healing instruments, by holding space for shifts and changes. Further, I’ve felt the strong call to interact with individuals and offer hands on intuitive energy work while I sing. It is my belief that these two forces in combination may be tools for healing, or as the dictionary defines healing: “to become sound.” It is also my belief that at best, I am simply holding space for expansion and elevation and healing others is not something I should or could do. That is up to the person in the position of receiving and can only be through a deep allowing of Spirit. Further, I’m aware that this may take on many forms and won’t claim to know what they all are.

I come to this expanded version of my work through a circle of experiences. Maybe there is a return to that which I knew as a child, but even if it is, I bring to it the maturity of my experience as a voice practitioner and personal knowledge of what it means to receive. I bring to it the joy of creation and the curiosity of new paths. I bring to it the deep desire to raise up all human beings toward their greatest good. I desire deep connection, a reminder of our inevitable unity.

 So, with that in mind, I invite you to join me in this journey. I’m sure it will continue to evolve but currently you can get a taste for format if you CLICK HERE. I will be offering the bulk of these sessions at Sounds Good Studios in the Fine Arts Building at 410 South Michigan Avenue, but I am also willing to do these at your location and in partnership with other studios as I travel.

Two generous souls allowed their experiences to be photographed for you to take a peek behind the curtain. They also shared a few words to tell you what it was like for them. 

My time with Davin was incredibly powerful, healing, and unique. I experienced sound and voice in a personal way that I never have before. I was able to break through blocks and uncover new realizations about myself as part of the process. Davin’s voice is an absolute gift and something I would highly recommend others to experience. I am grateful for this experience. 

 DJ Megan Taylor

The private sound healing with Davin was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. As someone who struggles to be present, I was surprised to find myself fully immersed in the moment. Davin made me feel cared for and supported. I left the session with a deep sense of peace. 

Taylor Morrison

Photos by Jenn Gaudreau

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