Allow Davin to guide you toward transformational healing through the power of private individual and small group sound healing experiences.


Davin uses singing and sound with individuals and small groups to facilitate healing, transformation and changed. Possibilities include:

Unplugged sound immersion
75 minutes ($250 for individuals, group prices and length vary)

Davin employs the healing power of the gong, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, rattles and various other healing instruments to take you on a vibrational journey toward your essence.

Amplified sound immersion
75 minutes ($300 for individuals, group prices and length vary)
Davin’s signature sound healing experience, utilizing his voice, electronic looping device, healing instruments and electronic beats. Each experience is spontaneously crafted to take you on a journey of music and sound that illuminates the true beauty within.

Shamanic song experience
75 - 90 minutes ($350 and only available to individuals)

In this truly one of a kind, full sensory experience, Davin calls on energetic guides through his voice to hold space for your truest self to emerge. Relying mostly on his voice, Davin will channel sounds directed toward your need for healing and restoration. He also employs energetically guided touch and ceremonial light and smells to charge the totality of the experience. This is a highly specialized time and intended for those who are ready for full submersion in the healing power of shamanism and sound.

Join Davin in his studio space in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood or at your location for a private or small group sound healing session. No two experiences are alike and each is tailored to the desires of the participant(s).

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