Davin has developed a series of workshops that utilize singing and sound as a medium for personal development and change. These workshops marry mindfulness, functional voice training, the science of vibration and subtle energy work. The following are samples available upon request and may be developed further to target specific audiences.


Pathway to Present: An Improvised Singing Journey

Join in the ancient, meditative, spiritual healing practice of singing together in spontaneous song. This workshop will guide the group to discover our individual and collective voice. Drawing on traditions of chant, toning and improvised singing, participants will be safely and expertly drawn into a freer experience of their of singing voice using improvised singing. Collectively, we will learn to move past fear and judgment of ourselves and our voices to fully enjoy the transformative power of singing in community. Ultimately, we will work to encounter our most present and expansive selves together in the songs we create.

No singing experience is necessary and all sounds are welcome!

Two-hour experiential workshop includes:
Breathwork to free the voice

Somatic education around making sound

Tools and exercises to facilitate improvised song

Extended experiences of meditative chant and singing

Singing, Dancing, Joy, Laughter, Freedom


Unlocking Vishuddha Through Sound and Song

Vishuddha or the throat chakra is our channel for communication, self expression and creative identity. It is our best tool for expressing emotion, feeling, need and self identity. It is the channel through which we best connect to the vibrational pull of the universe and dance in it’s rhythm. It’s power is paramount for personal change and growth. Any sort of block in the fifth chakra can cause stifling feelings of being misunderstood, unheard and lonely, leaving a sense of disconnectedness from ourselves and each other.

So what strategies do we have to keep this channel open? How do we find the key to unlock our most free and authentic voice? How do we best communicate our needs and desires? How can we be heard?

This workshop will guide you on a journey of self discovery, utilizing the power of change facilitated by the fifth chakra. With specific attention to singing, sound and spontaneous chant, you will learn how to use breath and bodywork to find more freedom in the sound of your voice as well as unravel muscular tension within the throat that inhibits sound. Seed sounds and toning will be used and collectively we will create spontaneous songs with the intention of allowing more freedom into our lives.

Each participant will walk away with a profound understanding of what it is to be heard and a new song in their heart.


Healing and the Art of Spontaneous Chant

Since ancient times healers have known that vibration plays a unique role in transforming emotional and physical landscapes. From the overtones of the gong to the ring of Tibetin singing bowls, the vibration of instruments has proven to have profound effect on the healing journey, but none of as significant as the human voice. From toning to chant to mantra to song, the vibration of one’s voice has the power to manifest change from within and alter the vibration of every atom and molecule that surrounds it.

In this workshop, participants will be led on a journey of self discovery and healing through the voice, sound and spontaneous chant. You will be expertly guided into a fuller experience of your own voice and the voice the community, exploring toning, seed sounds, personal mantra, improvised chanting and singing. You will learn to use vibration to facilitate healing and change in areas of the body and your life that ask for it. Finally, you will experience the profound joy of beckoning the divine through communal singing and spontaneous song.

No experience singing is required and all voices are encouraged and welcome!

Learning Outcomes:

Breathwork to unleash your vibrational power

Strategies to find more freedom in sound

Tools for intention and healing through your individual voice

Exercises to unleash your ability to create spontaneous chant


Sounds of Intention: Manifesting Change Through Song

We know the Cosmos are in a constant state of vibration. Every atom, molecule and particle are in motion, vibrating to the hum of eternity.

Nada Brahma.

The World is Sound.

God is sound.

We are vibration.

We are sound.

How then do we harness the power of the sound of the universel? How do we ride the vibrational wave that desires to move us toward greater harmony within and with those around us?

What is our intention and how might we manifest it through our unique the unique and powerful sound of our voice?

In this workshop we will explore the use of singing as a tool of intention in change. You will be led on a musical journey of transformation, utilizing the unique and beautiful sound of your singing voice in community with others. We will set personal and collective intention and learn to harness our voices as a divine power to create. You will learn to create spontaneous chant and song, as well as develop personal sung mantras to resonate and vibrate your highest self. Ultimately, you will walk away with a profound sense of freedom, joy and change.